Online and offline dating – is there a middle ground?

In the past, young singles relied on being introduced to a potential new partner by friends and family (or drew a ring around a personal ad in the newspaper, without even seeing a picture of their date before meeting up.) Today, the dating world offers a highly sophisticated range of choices – from online apps and social media platforms to exclusive private singles parties and speed dating events.

Online dating is often the obvious option for picky, time starved professionals who want to enjoy a wide range of choice, filtering out those who don’t meet their select criteria before investing in date. Classic sites like Match and Eharmony offer a traditional ‘browse, approach and arrange a date’ formula, while apps like Tinder and sites like Linked In are perfect for arranging a casual, one-time hook-up.

Some find internet dating impersonal, preferring instead to join dating clubs or attend speed dating events, where the service is a little more personal and guided. Organised singles clubs, where individuals can enjoy luxury holidays, club nights and activities like hikes and dance classes, are a popular alternative to online dating. These can be a more relaxed way to approach the dating scene, as the ice is broken by trying a new activity or experiencing a new place, and the group setting feels less pressured than a one-to-one meet.

Online and offline dating options have their own, particular pros and cons, but it’s often difficult to find a dating option that can be truly tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

For those who live in the capital  ‘GreyZone Club’ provides a bridge between online and offline dating for elite singles. The club is a community of hand selected and approved members, registered to a private, online portal, who get to know each other online, at their leisure, before selecting from a range of first dates spots in London (including West End shows, Gallery Exhibitions, trendy restaurants and the latest hip café or coffee shop.)

Unlike most dating sites, GreyZone Club takes the pressure off users when it comes to finding ‘the one.’ Both online and offline dating options have one thing in common – the time and often money involved in signing up for the dating experience mean that users are heavily invested in quickly forging a long-term relationship.

GreyZone Club offers unique opportunities for users to explore a bigger range of options in the dating world, as singles are encouraged to sign up with no expectations, keeping an open mind as they have fun, relax, meet new people and try new things. GreyZone is the middle ground between unfulfilling, casual hook up sites and traditional online dating experiences, where most users are looking for commitment and exclusivity.

The emphasis is on kicking back, enjoying some great company, some great food, great wine and great experiences. At GreyZone Club Lifestyle Dating, whatever happens, happens. There’s no promises, no strings, no expectations and no disappointments.

In other words, if you don’t yet know what you’re looking for, you’re probably looking for the GreyZone Club.


Check out to try this thoroughly modern lifestyle dating experience for yourself!

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