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GreyZone Club is an online platform for a selected and exclusive community of the ambitious, entrepreneurs and professionals gathered from among London’s most discerning and exclusive demographic, with social networking and collaboration at our core. The emphasis is on connecting with like minded people, in an environment which facilitates collaboration in a meaningful and social way to the community. 

The Club is a community of hand selected and approved members from diverse backgrounds including the arts, creatives, technology, media and finance.  Our Members get to connect with each other online via the Invitation only WebApp with the added benefit of selecting from a range of deals, offers and unique experiences including cool hot spots in London, Gallery Exhibitions, trendy London restaurants or the latest hip event.

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Switching between Zones

A unique advantage of being a member of GreyZone Club is the ability to switch between Networking and Social Singles platform profiles which are separated for convenience, privacy and discretion while still allowing you to connect with singles across the GreyZone private club member network.

With a range of the coolest events, trending restaurants and the weekly updated listings available on the GreyZone Club platform our members enjoy a complete lifestyle experience.

We are all about enabling members with similar interests and lifestyle goals to communicate online without expectation while providing the opportunity to connect in real life with the added benefit of access to trending restaurants, London Theatre and Entertainment events at your fingertips. Then Switch back to the Networking profile at your convenience.

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